Surveillance System

Teleworks and Eagle Eye cloud video management system – TRULY INTELLIGENT

Leverage eagle eye’s open, true cloud platform and artificial intelligence (ai) to dramatically transform your video surveillance system into an even more powerful tool. With video AI, the possibilities are limitless for keeping communities secure and engaged, helping business improve operations and customer service, and enabling manufacturers to build higher quality products in safer environments.

Alerts and notifications

Know the status of your business at all times with real-time motion alerts. Create unlimited, personalized detection areas for each camera and receive warnings when they go offline or are vandalized.

Small device, Infinite visibility

See your entire world, on the go, from any mobile or laptop device. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, you can view live cloud video, search historic video, adjust camera settings, email videos, and more.

Engineered to Perfection

Traditional video security systems require substantial amounts of hardware, complicated installations and constant software maintenance and management.

Eagle Eye Networks is here to change that with straightforward, enterprise-grade performance that is easy to deploy, remotely manage, and seamlessly integrate with your third party systems.

Artificial Intelligence

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS learns what is the norm for your business, so you can cut through the noise and focus on what matters most.

The Eagle Eye Bridge

Sleek Look, Small Footprint, High Performance

Get full featured, cyber secure video recording locally and in the cloud while overcoming network demands of transmitting video through the internet. The Eagle Eye Bridge implements security measures both on premises and in the cloud transmission to ensure video is secure and encrypted with the highest reliability.

Video management system (VMS)

Comprehensive Security
Triple Redundancy
Intelligent Bandwidth Management
Complete Privacy Encryption
The Eagle Eye Cloud Managed Video Recorder (CMVR) stores video and acts as a gateway from your premises to the Eagle Eye Cloud Data Center where your video can also be stored and managed by the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. It provides video storage, video buffering, a secure connection, bandwidth management, and monitoring of cameras.