Who Are We?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve business communication by upgrading businesses to the latest technology, saving them money, and conducting business with integrity.

When you choose Teleworks Communications, Inc. for your VoIP business phones, we guarantee quality.

We perform an on-site survey of your company and meet with you to decide how you want your phone system set up.  Will your phones be answered by a live person,  an auto attendant, or both?  Would you like your customers greeted in English or Spanish? A good phone system is the life line for many businesses and Teleworks has been selling, installing and supporting local businesses like yours since 1997.

  • With us, a fair business phone bill is no longer an oxymoron. (1 phone line starting at $25/mo)

    Businesses are routinely overcharged by phone companies because they think you think you have no other options. Teleworks’ cloud-based phone lines are more secure, reliable, and offer crisper connections than the phone company’s. And we’re a lot less expensive. You’ll be shocked at how much less.

  • We always have on-site technical support when you need it

    Many cloud-based phone providers are based out-of-state and cannot offer you on-site support when you need it. Teleworks is Connecticut based, and we will be there when your business needs us to be.

  • Replace your systems before they become a liability

    Many businesses expect to use their old phone systems until they stop working. Here’s why you shouldn’t. Many of these phone systems have been discontinued, and that makes your system vulnerable to hackers. Why? Because the manufacturers are no longer releasing updates and patches to protect you.

  • Teleworks offers a wealth of additional services as well

    Whether your business needs surveillance systems, wi-fi extenders, alternatives to costly video conferencing systems, or IT support, we specialize in many different areas, and can bundle solutions together for savings and convenience.