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Teleworks Business Communications can save businesses money by providing affordable lines and phone systems. Backed by 25 years of experience, Teleworks has seen the changes the industry has gone through, and knows which solutions are right for you. Business phone service in CT is our expertise.


Teleworks specializes in new, cutting-edge VoIP business telephone systems as well as servicing digital and analog phones. If any of these scenarios apply we can help!

– Do you think you are spending too much money with your business phone service in CT?
– Are you phones not versatile enough for your business?
– Is your old system falling apart?


Let our Glastonbury business telephone company analyze your current programming and tailor a business phone system for you that is cost effective, efficient and conducive to future growth. From the smallest cloud based systems to the largest call centers, our Glastonbury phone company has a solution for you. We are a local business and as such sales, installation, programming and support are all done in-house.

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Business phone service in CT

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Teleworks Business Communications can provide this service to businesses with qualifying phone systems. We sell the best in phone systems, picked specifically with reliability and ease-of-use in mind. With 25 Years of experience, we know what we’re talking about.

Business Phone Service in CT

We now offer a new business texting platform as part of our business phone service!

Text clients 1-on-1 from your desktop or the new Teleworks iOS & Android mobile app featuring:

  • Secure text messaging
  • Sub-acts for team members
  • AMS software for PC & Mac
  • Drip campaigns
  • Blasts

“It is predicted that 48.7 million consumers will opt-in receive business SMS messaging… The average open rate for text message marketing campaigns is 98% compared to 20% open rate for email marketing campaigns. SMS response rates are 295% higher than phone call response rates.” -99firms blog 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About VoIP Service

What is Voice over IP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP for short, is technology for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet. VoIP’s debut dates back to 1995, a couple years after the World Wide Web became available to the masses. Back then, there was still a lot of work to be done in order to foolproof the technology, but over time VoIP has perfected voice quality and reliability.

How do I make the transition from plain old telephone service to VoIP?

Businesses are switching over to VoIP with great ease and satisfaction. In order to make this shift, you’ll need an IP-enabled phone or VoIP phone adapter, a strong internet connection, and a router. VoIP allows users to operate the same devices they always have because an analog telephone adapter (ATA) can be used for connecting analog telephones and fax machines to the digital phone system.  

Will VoIP sound quality be as good as plain old telephone service?

Absolutely! VoIP has made great strides and generally offers incredible HD sound quality. However, VoIP does count on bandwidth, so having a reliable internet provider and connection is important.

Can a hacker gain access to my VoIP phone line?

Enabling network address translation (NAT) prevents this! NAT is a feature that equips the VoIP devices with a private IP address. This creates a barricade between the devices from open internet traffic, preventing hackers from getting through.

How will VoIP help my business succeed?

Customer Relationship Management, also called CRM, is a necessary tool for businesses to record communication. CRM integration to VoIP will put you ahead of competitors and give you the information to operate as efficiently as possible. Managers will be able to better support their team, staffing can be increased or decreased depending on the number of calls coming in at certain times, and marketing can gain a better understanding of customer experience and thus create more client satisfaction.

Can I easily add new lines and numbers?

Yes! Unlike traditional plain old phone lines, a VoIP system is largely scalable. With VoIP, you can much more easily add lines and even a separate toll free number dedicated solely to a new campaign. This allows customers to call in from anywhere in the United States and Canada for free.

Will I be able to work from home?

VoIP can be integrated into company computers as well as personal cell phones and laptops for when you cannot be at the office. This also includes easy accessibility during business travel, as VoIP software can be installed on your phone with a simple app download. Got your hands full? With VoIP that is no longer a problem, as VoIP software comes with voicemail-to-email and Bluetooth capabilities to help you when you are on the go. VoIP takes multitasking capabilities to a whole new level.

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