Our Services

Lowering your business’s phone bill isn’t enough for us.
We want to improve the way you communicate.

Auto Attendant

Your business’s introduction to your clients. Menus, directories, and relevant information.

Call Distribution

Call centers require efficiency, and the ability to transfer calls reliably. Our phones are built for them, but simple enough for you.


Have your salespeople look like big shots by seamlessly creating conference calls and bridges.

Park Keys

You might think that being able to seamlessly manage your calls isn't exciting. But it is to your customer.

V-Mail to E-mail

Have your people returning calls now, not when they get back to the office.

Connect Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations is a good problem to have. Need to intercom someone in another town, or state? What if you could transfer a call right to them? We can do that.

Video Calls

See what they're not saying with video calls, and video conferencing, so you get the whole message.

Get the Most Out of Your Wi-Fi

Never lose data in the office with our Wi-Fi extenders, which allow seamless transmission across rooms and floors.

What else can we help with?

Call Recording: Get your people trained. Not only can you listen to your incoming and outgoing phone calls with an attentive ear, which will help identify training opportunities, but employees will immediately perform better on the phones if they know they are being monitored.


Separate Connections for Computers and Phones: So you never experience audio slow-down.


Disaster Recovery: Are you prepared if your system gets hit by lightning? Lost calls are lost revenue. Make sure your calls get answered.

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