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Scouring the internet for a business phone system provider in Farmington CT and still confused? Wondering if a VoIP system is right for your Farmington CT business? As a business specializing in Connecticut office phone systems, we understand the value of responsive, knowledgeable service, and it’s at the core of the way we do business. At Teleworks Communications, Inc., we have over 25 years of experience in the business phone industry. We’ve seen how technology has evolved and we’re able to hand-pick solutions that meet your specific business needs.

Business Phone Systems Farmington CT – Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is “VoIP”?

VoIP “Voice Over Internet Protocol” transfers voice through the internet. In short, VoIP business calls are initiated and maintained through an internet connection. Nearly all business phone VoIP systems provide the basic needs of placing and receiving phone calls. However, not all can offer the additional features and benefits your business needs now and into the future. Learn more about what we can do for you as VoIP provider in Farmington CT by clicking here.

I want to save money on my phone bill. Can you help?

Our Connecticut office phone systems are 50-70% less expensive than traditional business phones. Furthermore, our phone systems come with a lot of added features to improve your business productivity. VoIP phone lines only need your existing internet connection. Because of this, your business is able to cancel local phone service and eliminate that monthly expense. Importantly, businesses with multiple locations can get rid of local phone services at every location and operate an integrated business phone system across them all.

How can VoIP phone systems help my business to never miss a call?

One of the best aspects of VoIP is its flexibility. Imagine expecting a very important business call, but you also have to meet a coworker or client. A digital or analog phone system can keep you chained to your desk waiting for that call when you need to get moving. Fortunately, VoIP is designed to be integrated into all mobile technology, allowing your business to run smoother and faster without sacrificing any integrity to the company’s communication system.

VoIP can be integrated into company computers as well as personal cell phones and laptops for when you cannot be at the office. This also includes easy accessibility during business travel, as VoIP software can be installed on your phone with a simple app download. Got your hands full? With VoIP that is no longer a problem, as VoIP software comes with voicemail-to-email and Bluetooth capabilities to help you when you are on the go. VoIP takes multitasking capabilities to a whole new level.

Do VoIP systems come with customizable features?

Business phone systems are like computers. For instance, they provide hundreds of different features and tasks. However, many of these features are never used or needed. Therefore, it’s important to examine what features you are currently using and which will be needed in the future when comparing VoIP features. For this reason, our Connecticut business phone system team will determine which features are most important and will locate the systems which can handle those features most effectively. Learn about our full range of services by clicking here.

I still have a digital or analog phone. Do you provide digital phone system service and analog phone system service too?

Teleworks services digital, analog, and IP systems in Glastonbury. Some of the systems we service include: NEC DSX80, NEC DS2000, Lucent, AVAYA, Executone, Mitel, Shortel, Nortel, Toshiba, Panasonic, and Samsung.

Expensive POTS (plain old telephone lines) is required to operate analog and digital phone systems. Unfortunately, POTS come with many downsides. Firstly, operation is 3 to 5 times more expensive. Furthermore, the amount of callers is limited to the number of lines you have (causing busy signals), each satellite office requires its own set of lines to operate, and the infrastructure is dependent upon an old copper network. Although IP networks are replacing most analog and digital phone systems, our CT business phone system team offers support for these systems for current and new customers. We stock parts for many of the popular systems and continue to support and service these systems.

Let our Connecticut VoIP business phone company provide you better service and save you money on your phone systems.

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